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Where Veterans Reconnect with Earth and Self

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Heroes Healing Homestead provides a place for our nation’s heroes to commune with each other and nature. A place to experience the healing power of shared stories, music and learning to build a homestead together in the magic of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay.


Together we will build the trails and roads that reconnect each of us with the land and our warrior spirit.

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Mountain Range
"It was always a miraculous transition to watch these veterans and myself continue that healing journey out there in nature." - Atz Kilcher

Our Program

Heroes Healing Homestead is a wilderness healing retreat, focusing on healing our countries heroes in a therapeutic homestead setting, surrounded by the healing power of nature.

Our program offers a transformative healing journey that combines a variety of wellness activities, including learning homestead skills, and that all important sense of meaning and belongings which veterans need in their

post service life.

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